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Saturn floats. Our Country and Its Resources. 1917.
"Saturn, the lightest of the planets in proportion to its size, would float in water (if there were an ocean big enough to hold it!)"


Walter Stein, Sun eclipse, 07/03/1951, United States.
Vintage silver print (Press photo copy print)
This is how the eclipse of the sun looked today in Pittsburgh. This picture was made starting at 5:15 p.m with exposures at 10-minutes intervals. Photographer Walter Stein was stationed on a hill overlooking Pittsburgh.The skyscraper Gulf building is shown at left - three quarters of a mile from the camera.


Man Ray, L’Enigme d’Isidore Ducasse, 1920


Anonymous, Eclipse over Boston 02/10/1959, United States
This is the way the eclipse of the sun appeared from a Northeast plane 15,500 feet over nearby Swamp-scott this morning. Bad weather from hurricane Gracie obscured the view from the ground but was seen by a group of Harvard astronomers viewed it from the plane. This shot was made as it reached it’s halfway point. Layer of clouds from the effect in the foreground.


Luigi Veronesi (1908-1998)
Fotogramma no. 57, 1947


The solar eclipse of July 28, 1851 {Daguerreotype} by Berkowski


Vija Celmins, Jupiter Moon - Constellation. 1983


The Mobled Queen for Coronet Magazine by Erwin Blumenfeld, December 1939


François KollarStudy c. 1935